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Junia and Company is a faith-based, non-profit empowerment company and network passionately focused on empowering women and girls to boldly impact their world. We change the tide in women’s lives using proven tools: life-changing training, professional coaching, advocacy, housing support, mentoring, and real-life solutions. We help women from the backstreet to the boardroom to thrive and walk in life purpose.

Programs & Services


Living Free-Living Me

Transformational Sessions

We offer the “Living Free- Living Me” 8-week “freedom at last” sessions (that can be combined with coaching) to help women go to the next level in life. These classes provide you with tools to live life passionately, purposefully and powerfully. Women are given proven tools that help them become aware of their potential, get over hidden fears, break free of others’ expectations, and walk out life with purpose.

Getting Over it!

We offer "Getting Over It" a 3-day or 7-week class revealing the 7 "revolving-door" mistakes keeping you in position to get hurt, the 7 non-negotiable principles needed to "Get Over It" and 5+ key strategies to help you handle things differently! These classes provide you with self-examination to pinpoint issues and keys to help you leave things behind this time. Experience what many other women have touted as the “class that opened my eyes to what I was doing and helped me change that….”

Strategic Vision Sessions

We provide strategic personal OR organizational vision sessions that involve creating, crafting, and clarifying vision needed for forward movement. Did you know that only 25% of American adults report having a clear sense of purpose? Did you know that 60% of small businesses fail not only due to finances but due to an unclear vision and conflicting goals? Change that now by signing up for Strategic Visioning today. Walk away with a personal vision that hums or craft your organizational vision that captures the designated purpose. Finally, sign up for a strategic planning session to ensure your goals and plans are aligned.

Women Embracing Destiny

Be challenged to lean into your purpose with more confidence using scripture. Discover the 7 blunders that block your forward movement and the 5 keys that boost your future plans.  Develop a keener sense of your value. Be challenged to examine your strengths, drawbacks, character, and even your leadership or service in light of  today’s challenges. Examine what personal constraints you may need to overcome. Learn, cultivate and establish the 7 areas needed for success. Walk through this series and write personal or organizational goals for forward movement.

Time to Rise –

Strategies to Seize Your “Next”

This class  of 9 sessions will give you spiritual and natural tools and push you to accomplish your “next!” When circumstances  are saying “Let the vision go” this experience will give you encouragement to stir the embers of your vision and awaken you from your doubt-filled days. You will be challenged to change, but also encouraged and armed with strategies to write the vision and begin walking it out… with courage. 

Don’t miss this opportunity!

Dr. Z Coaching Services

Dr. Z’s coaching empowers you personally or organizationally to fully live out God's calling in your life.  It involves teaching you skills, tactics and techniques to develop your spiritual, personal, and emotional capabilities, skills and
increase your capacity to accomplish your goals. We will provide wisdom, encouragement, feedback and advice, all based on the word of God. My goal is to help you move on from the past, change how you think about God and yourself, listen to the Holy Spirit, see your future, and pursue it. Sign up to find out how to live your best life.

Leaders Embracing Destiny

Learn to lead with more purpose and confidence using scriptural principles. Develop a keener sense of your leadership style. Find out more about your gifting. Be challenged to examine your character in light of the challenges of leadership in today’s time. Step back and examine what personal constraints you may need to overcome. Learn, cultivate and establish the 7 areas needed for successful leadership. Walk through this series and write out your own leadership goals for forward movement.

Ann’s House

Empowered for Life Series

Ann’s House for women helps women in transition for up to 9 months with our Empowered for Life Series and housing facility (currently booked). Women complete a practical life, virtual or in person series to help them overcome life challenges. These proven online classes combined with virtual coaching strengthen women to thrive and not just survive. Women are empowered in finances, employment, relationships, personal and career goals, raising confident kids, communication, spiritual life, and much more. We advocate for women from the backstreet to the board room, and have. Peer Coaching to help you thrive and not just survive!

Empowered Faith -

Meeting Place of God

The Meeting Place of God:

where we seek the

Presence of God through Prayer,

Worship and the Word of God.

Join our online services taking place on the following schedule:

The Meeting Place of God:

Sunday mornings 8:00 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

To join, download the Clubhouse app and search for

"The Meeting Place of God"

click on this link:


Via Zoom: Junia Company


Meeting ID: 865 4642 8448

You will be in a waiting room before admitted



Reasons to Give:

Because every minute 20 women are abused…. 57% of whom are homeless women.

It takes less than a minute to make a donation that “blocks the blow.” We restore and empower businesswomen through effective training and curriculum." We provide empowerment and life skills training to teach women how to thrive, not just survive.

We provide assistance with securing housing, employment, parenting skills, computer skills, self-development. We help women going through transition. We provide proven training, tested curriculum, advocacy, coaching, and housing support.

Here are numbers to call for domestic violence emergencies:

National Domestic Violence hotline 800-799-7233

YWCA Domestic Violence Shelter, Cincinnati - 24/7 Hotline - 513-872-9259

Contact us today for other offerings or to donate to our tax deductible organization.

“Bags 4 U” Program

Along with our restoring and empowering women through effective training and coaching, we have our for women who are experiencing abuse, homelessness, or hard times. We pack and provide beautiful carry-all bags filled with 17 girls-only items including perfume, lipstick, nail polish, and toothpaste/brush, feminine products, deodorant, lotion, hair products, umbrella, jewelry and more.

Waves of change

start with the first leap! 

Glad you took yours today, too!

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